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In order to ensure that your product enjoys the warranty service, please register the warranty for your product after 7 days and within 30 days of the product purchase date.

Please keep the warranty label and purchase invoice.

In order to prevent repair of parallel imports and stolen products, customers must present the warranty label and the original invoice of the purchased product when requesting maintenance services. Photocopies or faxes will not be accepted.

Please read the warranty terms and conditions carefully. Homestuff International Company Limited ("Homestuff") provides a 1-year warranty (starting from the purchase date on the invoice). After 1 year of the warranty period, the customer shall pay all fees according to the repair service price list of the service center. (1) Homestuff shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage to any person or property, howsoever caused arising from improper use, or any stoppage, breakdown or failure of the product. (2) Customer is responsible to deliver the product to our service station or any designated place in urban area, and to pick up the repaired product from the same location. (3) The warranty card is valid only in Hong Kong and Macau. Customer is required to present warranty certificate together with the official purchase invoice issued by the dealers of Hong Kong or Macau to our technician for verification when service is rendered. Warranty card is valid only if the model number stated herein corresponds with that of the product and the date of purchase stated herein is the same with the date of official purchase invoice. Save and except this warranty card, any other warranty card issued by other parties will not be recognized by Homestuff. (4) Customer shall not alter the serial number of the product. This warranty card is void if the serial number on the product does not match with that shown on the warranty card (if applicable). (5) For any defect which in our judgment is caused under normal use, Homestuff will repair or replace the defective parts, excluding any surface, cabinet, consumptive parts and accessories, free of charge within the warranty period. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become the property of Homestuff. (6) Warranty service does not cover the following items. Additional charges shall be levied if services are required. (a) Repair or replacement of accessories, external cables or cabinet of the product. (b) The product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tempered with, altered or repaired in any way by persons other than technicians of Homestuff. (c) The product has been damaged through misuse, negligence, power interruption or abnormal voltage input, accident, natural calamities, or due to ingress of insects, foreign matters or liquid, corrosion or external factors. (d) The normal operation of the product is affected by improper installation of the product. (7) Customers shall collect their product(s) within one (1) month after receipt of pick up notification from Maintenance Service Centre. Maintenance Service Centre shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such products that left unclaimed after one (1) month. If the products are not collected within one (1) month, Maintenance Service Centre shall have the right to dispose of the products at its own discretion without any prior notice and compensation. (8) The warranty period of the battery is 6 months, excluding any defect which in our judgment is cause under innormal use or artificial damage. (9) In case there is any inconsistency or conflict between English version and Chinese version of the terms, the Chinese version shall prevail. (10) Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. In case of any dispute, Homestuff reserves the right of final decision.

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